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Displaying Developer Tab & Setting Macro Security

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In order to access Visual Basic and other macro functions in Excel 2007 and later, you must first display the Developer tab in the Ribbon Interface.  The Developer Tab is hidden by default upon installation of Excel.

First confirm that the Developer Tab is not already activated.  If activated, the Developer Tab will be visible to the right of the View tab as highlighted below.



If the tab is not visible, then first click the Microsoft Office Button, then click Excel Options as illustrated below.

In the Excel Options dialogue box, select "Popular" in the left column, then select the box "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon" as illustrated below.



Finally, click "OK" at the bottom right of the Excel Options dialogue box to save your changes.  Now confirm that the Developer Tab is showing on the Ribbon.

Now enable macros in the Trust Center.  Open Excel Options again as described above, then select Trust Center from the left sidebar menu.  Then click the "Trust Center Settings..." button that appears in the right panel.  This will open the Trust Center window displayed below.  Click "Trust access to the VBA project object model".

 Now you have two options under Macro Settings above:

  • If you select "Disable all macros with notification", Excel will give a security alert (red circle below) each time you attempt to open a file containing macros.  In this case, you must click the "Options..." button on the alert bar, then select "Enable this content" from the security options dialogue.  Click OK, and the file should open with macros enabled.

  • If you select "Enable all macros" in the dialogue box above, you will not receive the security prompt below.  However, this may put your computer at risk to malicious code contained in other files.


Now you'll need to learn how to save files in the macro-enabled file format first introduced in Excel 2007.


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