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Case Study:
"How I made a 350% IRR on an option trade using the Black Scholes Options Toolkit"

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Black Scholes Macros Complete set of free Black-Scholes functions for stock option analysis.  Call premium, put premium, historical volatility, implied volatility, Greeks, delta, rho, theta, gamma, vega, d1, d2.  Open-source VBA code, complete documentation.  Not a spreadsheet template, these functions behave just like native Excel formulas, available to all your spreadsheets for your own custom analysis.
Monte Carlo Tutorial Step-by-step tutorial for building your own Monte Carlo method simulation models in Excel.  No add-ins or special software required.  Includes examples & Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) source code.  Build simulations with or without VB.
MBA Toolkit Financial and other functions designed to streamline the tasks of the MBA student or professional.  Includes functions for calculating Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), weighted average, and more.  Formulas range from complex calculations to simple shortcuts.
Analysis ToolPak Guide Complete reference guide to Microsoft Excel's Analysis ToolPak for data analysis and complex statistical functions.  How to download and install the Analysis ToolPak, what functions are included, troubleshooting help.

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