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What if the Analysis ToolPak is not visible in the list of add-ins?

If you have tried to follow the steps in the previous page, but the Add-Ins dialogue box (shown below) does not list the Analysis ToolPak, you will need to run the reinstallation program for Microsoft Excel in order to retrieve the ToolPak from your Excel installation disk.  You will of course need to have your installation disk on hand in order to perform the operation.

To perform this operation, go to your Windows Control Panel and select "Add or Remove Programs."  When the list of installed programs appears, select "Microsoft Office" or "Microsoft Excel", depending on how you originally installed Excel.  Then click the "Change" button.

The Setup program will begin to run.  Select the "Add or Remove Features" option, and click "Next".

Click the "+" signs beside the appropriate topics until Analysis ToolPak appears in the list of available features.  This should be located under Microsoft Office => Microsoft Excel for Windows => Add-ins => Analysis ToolPak.  Click the drop-down box at the left of the Analysis ToolPak line, and select "Run from My Computer."

Finally, click "Update" at the bottom of this window, and the installation process will take care of the rest.  When this is complete, return to Microsoft Excel (you will need to close and restart the program before the changes take effect), and then follow the steps listed under How to Install the Analysis ToolPak.

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