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Functions in the Black-Scholes Stock Options Toolkit

Call Premium The value of a "call" option as determined by the Black-Scholes formula
Put Premium The value of a "put" option as determined by the Black-Scholes formula
Premium Calculate Put or Call premium (as above), but using only one function.  Adds flexibility for worksheet implementation and enables calculation based on number of trading days rather than calendar days prior to option expiration.
Historical Volatility One of the key inputs to the Black-Scholes formula for determining the value of an option.  Calculate volatility using daily, weekly, monthly closing price data, either adjusted for dividends or unadjusted.
Implied Volatility Returns the annualized volatility of a security implied by the market price of a put or call option on that security.
Adjusted Price Calculate the adjusted current stock price used as Black-Scholes input, based on actual current price and anticipated future dividend yield.
Continuous Compounding Rate Conversion Converts any periodic interest rate into the continuous compounded rate required by Black-Scholes.
Greeks A set of Black-Scholes values which measure the sensitivity of an option's price to changes in the option's parameters.

  • Delta (Call, Put)
  • Rho (Call, Put)
  • Theta (Call, Put)
  • Gamma
  • Vega
  • d1
  • d2


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