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Installing Individual Functions

Before you install an individual power4XL function, be sure you have completed the First Time Setup instructions for Excel 2003 or Excel 2007.  If you have completed the First Time Setup process previously you do not need to repeat it for each new function you install.

Follow these steps for each power4XL function you wish to install.

1.  Copy the function(s) to your clipboard.
Select the function you wish to install from the available functions listed here.  When you have clicked a link taking you to an individual function page, select the function's code text and press CTRL+C to copy it to your clipboard (or from the menu bar select "Edit - Copy"). 

2.  Open the Excel Visual Basic code module for power4xl.

  • Open Microsoft Excel.  The, if you are using Excel 2003, select the menu "Tools - Macro - Visual Basic Editor" (Shortcut: Alt+F11).  If you are using Excel 2007, click the "Visual Basic" button on the left end of the Developer ribbon.

  • In the Visual Basic Editor, make sure the Project Explorer pane is visible.  If not, then press CTRL+R or select "View - Project Explorer" from the menu bar to display it.

  • In the Project Explorer, make sure the power4XL module is visible.  If not, then click the "+" signs next to your project file and the Modules folder under it to display the power4XL module.  Note:  If you followed the instructions for First Time Setup, the project file will be named VBAProject(PERSONAL.XLS)  in Excel 2003, or VBAProject(power4xl_macros.xlam) in Excel 2007.

  • Double-click on the power4XL module to open the code window.  (This is the module you created in the First Time Setup process.)

3.  Paste the code into your module.
Place your cursor in the power4XL code window, and paste the contents of the clipboard by pressing CTRL+V or selecting "Edit - Paste" from the menu bar.  You should now be able to see the Visual Basic code which you copied from this website.

4.  Save your changes and close the VBE editor.
Press CTRL+S or select "File - Save" from the Visual Basic menu bar to save your changes, then close the Visual Basic Editor.  Your function is now available for use in all your spreadsheets.


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