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Weighted Average

Returns the weighted average of a set of numbers, with each number receiving a relative weighting in the calculation specified in a second set of numbers.

Syntax  (Values in boldface are required; others are optional)

(ValuesRange, WeightsRange)
  • ValuesRange:  The values to be averaged.  Enter as a range.
  • WeightsRangeThe relative weights assigned to the values in calculating the average.  Enter as a range.  WeightsRange must be of the same size as ValuesRange.

In the example below, a firm has ninety employees across three salary levels.  The simple average of the three salary levels ((750000+350000+125000)/3) is $408,333, which might be a useful number to toss out at associate recruiting events on campus, but doesn't give a meaningful indication of the firm's real compensation cost per employee.  The average of the three salary levels, weighted by the number of employees at each level, tells the real story.

To install this function, copy the entire contents of the window below into your power4XL code module in Excel's Visual Basic editor.

For detailed instructions, see the "Individual Function Setup" page.

To copy the contents to your clipboard, place your cursor inside the window below, then press "CTRL+C".

NOTE:  By copying the code below, you are agreeing to the power4XL license terms.  You agree to use the code only on your personal and/or business computer(s) for your own personal use.  You agree not to distribute, publish, alter, or edit the code in any way.  You may freely refer others to this website if you wish to make the code available to them.

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