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MBA Toolkit Troubleshooting

The following checklist addresses the most common problems in installing and using power4XL functions.
1.  Did you complete the "First Time Setup" process?
If not, then follow these instructions.


2.  Is the Analysis ToolPak Add-In installed properly?
To make sure the Analysis ToolPak is installed, select Tools - Add-Ins from the Excel menu.  In the list of available add-ins, make sure the box next to "Analysis ToolPak" is checked.  If it is not, then check it and click "OK".  This will install the add-in.

You may be required to close Excel and restart it in order for the Analysis ToolPak to be active.

Depending on how your Excel was originally installed, you may be required to insert your Microsoft Office Setup CD ROM for this process to be completed.

If you have attempted the above steps but the Analysis ToolPak has not been successfully installed, please refer to your Microsoft documentation or Microsoft's troubleshooting resources to correct the problem.

For more info on the Microsoft Excel Analysis ToolPak, see www.AnalysisToolPak.com.

3.  Have you set the security level to allow macros?
On the Excel menu, select Tools - Macro - Security.  The Security Level should be set to "Medium" or "Low".  We recommend Medium.

If you are unable to change the security setting, please check with your network administrator, or refer to Microsoft's documentation and troubleshooting resources to solve the problem.

4.  Did you correctly copy & paste the entire code segment?
Make sure that you correctly copied & pasted the entire code segment into the power4XL module in Visual Basic.  Consider making a clean start -- delete the code segment from your power4XL module, download a fresh copy from this website, and repeat the instructions for installing a new function.


5.  Other problems?
If you have checked all of the above and are still having trouble, please send an email to let us know about it.  While we can't offer extensive technical support, we do want to know of the problems people are having so that we can continue to improve our site and support.


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